Constitution & Bylaws

TGCC Constitution amended 2022.docx
TGCC Constitution 2021.pdf
House Committee Bylaw 2021_April 2021.pdf
Kitchen Committee Responsibilities_April 2021.pdf
Country Membership Bylaw_July2021.pdf
Health and Safety Sub-Committee Responsibilities and Proceedures By- Law (May 2022).docx
Privacy Policy By-Law (May 2022).docx
Complaints Proceedure By-Law ( May 2022).docx
Membership Classifications 20 June.pdf

Board of Management

Board Management
President: Ken Edwards
Men’s Captain: Riki Tawa
Ladies Captain: Jan Stanley
Golf Croquet Captain: Michelle McLean

Board Members: 
Steven Fang
Brian Fellows
John Fraser
Jean McCann

Vets' Convenor: Bill Boon

Greenkeeper: Geoff Cambie 

Patrons: Alan & Margaret Wilson 

Life Members:
Colin Dey, Alan & Margaret Wilson, Brian Fellows, Bruce Crawford.
"Life Membership" is awarded to members recognising their outstanding contributions to the Tairua Golf & Country Club. 

Financial Life Members:
Ray Blackler, Pat & Barry Welch  
"Financial Life Membership" is awarded to members recognising their financial contributions during the development to the Tairua Golf & Country Club.

Administration Manager : Office: 07 864 8416

Reciprocal Rights

Our members have reciprocal rights with these courses: $20 for 18 holes and $15 for 9 holes excepting Purangi which is $10.
Mercury Bay
Te Aroha
Whangamata (except during peak times)


2023 Board Minutes


2023 Board Minutes

January 23 Minutes of the TGCC Board.pdf
February Minutes of TGCC 23.pdf
March Minutes of the TGCC Board 23.pdf
April 23 Minutes of TGCC Board.pdf
June 23 Minutes of TGCC Board .pdf
July Minutes of TGCC Board 23.pdf
August TGCC Board Minutes 23.pdf
September 2023 Minutes of TGCC Board.docx
AGM_Minutes 2022.docx

2023 AGM


All documents to be found here.

Notice of Meeting 2023.docx
Nomination Form 23.docx
AGM Booklet.pdf
Financial Package for AGM booklet.pdf
AGM_Minutes 2022.docx
TGCC Constitution amended 2022.docx

2024 TGCC Board Minutes


Confirmed Minutes

February TGCC Board Meeting 24.docx
March TGCC Board Meeting 24 (003).pdf


Contact Us

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Coromandel Peninsula
New Zealand
07 864 8416